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Tesla Model S - Signature Issue When Manually Updating the Software

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Hello everyone, I am trying to update my Tesla Model S with Tegra MCU2, rooted (2020.36.11). I have a software image (2022.10.11) which is claimed by installing to another Tesla using cid-updater. When I try to locally serve the image and install using cid-updater, it says signatures are invalid. How can I overcome this issue? What solution method should I concentrate:
  • Patching the cid-updater binary in order to skip the 'verifysig' event
  • Editing the software image to change its base64 signature
  • Downgrading to an older version with a vulnerable cid-updater and make the signatures pass
  • Any other thing you would offer
Alternatively, I could manually write the software image to the EMMC. But how can I deploy the software to other ECUs without the signature check? After all, the software should be staged.
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