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Tesla motor as a generator

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Question: would tesla motor can be use to produce electricity?
Or tesla motor is completely different then AC/DC brushes motors?
(I’m talking about motor only,disconnected from invertor,capacitors and CPU)

I have i wind turbine business in EU, and looking for most efficient generators.
Since tesla motor so advanced,I thought maybe it can be used as an generators.

Maybe manufacturers are years behind tesla motors.

Thank you for answer and suggestions.
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Probably the worst possible combination you could come up with.

You have two competing motivators:

- Using junk you have laying around that could build the project cheaply but making a hackjob of it, and

- Spending a lot more to have something purpose built.

Instead, what you've come up with is spending a lot of money on something expensive that is poorly suited to the task, and then making a hackjob of it.

Either get a cheap motor and make it work, or buy a motor suited to a windmill. Heading in really any direction excepet where you are is going to have you save both money and effort.
Okay captain negativity.
If you only knew all the whacky half-brained shit I gleefully endorsed people make a go of in this community, you'd have some context as to just how bad an idea yours is that I talked you down from it.
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