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Tesla motor as a generator

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Question: would tesla motor can be use to produce electricity?
Or tesla motor is completely different then AC/DC brushes motors?
(I’m talking about motor only,disconnected from invertor,capacitors and CPU)

I have i wind turbine business in EU, and looking for most efficient generators.
Since tesla motor so advanced,I thought maybe it can be used as an generators.

Maybe manufacturers are years behind tesla motors.

Thank you for answer and suggestions.
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There is nothing advanced about a Tesla motor other than the level of bullshit its CEO spews.

They even lace the windings with string, like was done in the 1800's.

The motors on most models cannot be extricated from the gearcase.
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Basic physics. Spin it faster.

The word is that a lot of Tesla drives get replaced under warranty. A few times in some cars.
You won't push it to beyond 25% "max." Even then, it has to be liquid cooled. Good luck with that up on a tower.

You're paying for the amount of iron and copper to do the job reliably and continuously, which the Tesla does not have. That includes a high pole count to keep RPM DOWN. The Tesla runs at 18,000 RPM. You need to gear that by about 600:1 to match the speed of the fan.

The expensive gearbox you'll need to spin up the Tesla to produce any appreciable power and the resulting cogging torque multiplication (assuming you can even use the PM motor in its gearcase, which I seriously doubt - we had a thread here asking how to get the motor out of the can't - it's pressed in permanently) make it totally worthless for wind.

As I said, you have a lot of reading to do, stop listening to the siren song of your wallet, and you need to learn the fundamental rule:

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I think the one you're recollecting is he that continually gets himself put on vacation. Matt's about due to let him off his chain now, what with the Holiday spirit and all 😂

Sometimes it's thankless, yes. Even a cruel, uncalled-for lashout. But it's more than rewarding, net tally, when you see some of the projects moving forward here and many of those people giving back to the forum with their builds and findings, vs treating it as a helpline and disappearing like a bone you threw at a selfish dog.

What seems like brutality or negativity, if you think about it, has saved people a lot of money by them not having to "f%#k around and find out."
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They do, allegedly, use the motors in the hydraulic pumps of the F9 rocket.

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Tesla motors in question have permanent magnets with fixed value magnetic field strength....
There aren't ANY permanent magnets in a Tesla LDU. Or slip rings.

Your ball.
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