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Tesla motor as a generator

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Question: would tesla motor can be use to produce electricity?
Or tesla motor is completely different then AC/DC brushes motors?
(I’m talking about motor only,disconnected from invertor,capacitors and CPU)

I have i wind turbine business in EU, and looking for most efficient generators.
Since tesla motor so advanced,I thought maybe it can be used as an generators.

Maybe manufacturers are years behind tesla motors.

Thank you for answer and suggestions.
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You would need to find the back-emf constant of the tesla motor to know how much voltage would be produced for rpm. Since it is powered from ~400 VDC then it might generate that much voltage at near the max rpm that it is rated.

A better generator would have stronger magnets closer to the air gap with many poles, e.g. 6,8,10 or more , with a 3-phase winding.

It would be interesting to see the bemf of the Ford motor with the hairpin end turn windings.
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Well Joe and cat, where is the magnetic field of an induction motor? And of a generator?

Once you know that then you can make an armchair guess about the ouput.
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