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Tesla P3D More Power!

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Long time member here, I remember back when Mate Rimac was just one of us and not an EV Supercar CEO.

I always have and still want to work on a DIY EV project but was taken by the performance and value of the model 3 performance, so i bought one.

However I would like to get this community's opinions, advice and guidance on increasing the performance of the P3D.

I had a few ideas and once you deem me crazy I would be interested to hear new ideas from you all.

(1) install an independently powered and controlled 3rd motor (Tesla model s front motor) on to a 5th wheel that would make contact to the road under/within the rear trunk.

(2) install an independently powered and controlled 3rd motor (Tesla model s front motor) to the rear of the model 3 and connect the inner cv axles of the oem rear motor and 3rd motor with a belt or chain, on both sides of course, to couple the oem rear motor and 3rd motor together.

(3) install hub motors at the output of the tesla oem motor gearbox and get custom shorter cv shafts made.

I do realize that all the options represent a lot of work and would require material amounts of customization, i guess i am wondering if they are even possible from an engineering and reliability perspective.

Is there another more obvious option I am missing?

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Those options would ALL result in REDUCED performance
The main limiting factor is the ability of the tyre/road interface to transmit power to the ground and those options all make that WORSE

I would suggest instead
(1) Reduce weight - there is a lot of luxury in a model 3 - all of which can go
(2) Improve suspension/brakes
(3) This is the expensive one - you need to "hack" the software and increase the power
The Tesla is operating on a compromise because it expects 200,000 miles with no failures
If you are willing to accept a greater chance of failure (which is what "tuning is all about" THEN you should be able to stretch the power a good bit
Thank you for the response!

Please help me understand.

i dont quite understand why an additional motor providing an additional lets just say 100hp of assistance makes the performance worse?

I was under the assumption that power at the wheels was additive if we had more power and more wheels its additive. Is the 100hp 5th wheel not powerful enough so it becomes a drag/load for the other 4 wheels to carry?

if so what if it had 200hp then it would have more power than any one wheel of the OEM tesla? if it had 250hp it would have just as much as the entire axle of the tesla, how could that make performance worse to add 250hp?

You are absolutely correct about lightening the car and upgrading the suspension, both things in the works.

the hacking the SW part is something that hasn't been figured out yet so that's really a non-starter as there is no current way to do it. There isn't even a way to hack the later year model s's. all the model s motors and independent controllers you see on the market are from the older firmware that was cracked (from what i heard).
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Thank you for guidance and advice. The altering of the gear ratio is a good one, would be very interesting to see how quick 0-60 a model 3 could be and still be used normally/daily. didn’t stillen do that to the model s?

I’m a biomedical engineer but have been interested in cars and electric cars for sometime. I have limited hands on skills I will admit and would of-course collaborate with those with experience once an idea was determined to have any real merit. I wasn’t aware the hacking of the model 3 inverter was that far along, thank you.

I listed options because I wanted to get a conversion going on what the real options are, what the experts on this forum, way smarter than me, think. My options were foolish I admit, third motor?! super complicated, it would cost to prototype and then there is the advice of it actually robbing power? But I had to ask to learn it was a bad idea. Difficult to find reading material about this online. It’s either here or another engineering forum.

Also, I don’t have bags of money and any ego to stroke, however there are those out there that do that might want to fund a project in this space.
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