We have 2 2014 Mercedes B-Class EDs as PARTS CARS. These were cars built during a partnership between Daimler and Tesla from 2014-2017, and use a powertrain very similar to an early Model S. Both cars have good condition 36kWh batteries built by Tesla, and many other Tesla parts (OBVC, DC/DC. etc.), but they DO NOT have the drive units. These cars could be dismantled to use as parts for a conversion, or fix them up with a used drive unit from another donor car.

We are a shop that works on these cars, but unfortunately, we do not have access to any used motors at this time, otherwise we would get them running (we do have access to NEW drive units at an installed cost of ~$13k). Fair warning, to swap in a used motor from another car will require programming to install, most likely the car will need to go to a dealer for this. Again, these cars are offered without the drive motor assemblies. They are offered "as-is", not running, and without warranty of any kind.

About the cars:
White 2014 B-Class
Does not have "extended charge" option. The white exterior is in excellent shape, as is the black leather interior. 56,000 miles. Eligible for California Clean Air HOV stickers! Clean title. Asking price: $5,500

Blue 2014 B-Class
Does not have "extended charge" option. The bright blue exterior is in excellent shape, as is the black leather interior. BRAND NEW tires are in excellent condition. 65,000 miles. BRAND NEW Gateway computer installed/programmed ~18mo ago. Lemon branded title. Asking price: $5,000

It is possible for us to install new motors (from Tesla) into these cars for ~$13,000 and get them running (then you'd have a low mileage, Tesla powered car for under $20k). We do NOT have used motors for these cars, nor do we expect to have any at any point in the near future. ONLY NEW MOTORS ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.
Cars will be sold on a first come, first served basis. FOB Vista, California USA. Yes, we can ship ANYWHERE in the world at your cost.
Contact QC CHARGE for more info at:
+1-760-798-0342, M-F, 9-5pm Pacific Time, or [email protected]