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Tesla powered 911 RSR Rethread...

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My previous thread looks like it got corrupted. I sent a message to the admin, but did not get a response. I'll try again here...

1979 911 SC Roller
  • Blasted to bare metal and primed
  • Fixed the rust
  • Deleted sunroof
  • Made mounts front and rear for 2 Chevy Volt Batteries
  • Made Tesla Motor Mount
  • EV West billet Throttle potentiometer
  • Adapted 930 turbo trailing arms
  • New Front Suspension
  • Dual master cylinder Braking system with Boxster Calipers
  • Custom Axles from The DriveShaft Shop
  • Waiting on body kit to make it a 3.0 RSR (delayed several times)

Here are some pics...


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I'm working on the touch screen display. It is a 7" Screen from 4D systems. Here is the current layout I'm considering... It will be driven by an Arduino board. A friend of mine is building me an Arduino with 4 CAN Buses. The current plan is to have it flip down from the dash above the shifter. I'm still thinking about how to do that mechanism, but I'm leaning toward an over-center mechanism with gas struts.


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The body kit finally arrived! I cut the existing quarter panels off the car and left a 1 inch border to glue the new quarter panel to. I just have them held in place with clecos for now so I could get wheel measurements. I wanted to order those since they are a long lead time item.

The wheels I ordered are from 52outlaw. I chose their type 003 wheel since they are similar to what would have originally come on a 3.0 RSR. There are some examples the pictures. 15x10's up front and 15x12's out back.

This kit came with the giant whale tail...I think I may like it better without it. I won't be racing it anyway, so I can likely deal with the loss in rear downforce.

I also made a mount for the 4D display just ahead of where the shifter will be.


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Are you using the 930 CV axle stubs from EVTV or was The Driveshaft Shop able to supply the inner CV stubs themselves?

Also, what controller are you going to use?
The driveshaft shop modified some stock Tesla Axles. They machined and welded on the flange for the 930 CV's.

It looks like they restored the original thread!

Here is a link to it:
That's great to know. Can you tell me if the Driveshaft shop was cheaper than EVTV for the inner 930 CV stub?
That's great to know. Can you tell me if the Driveshaft shop was cheaper than EVTV for the inner 930 CV stub?
I'll respond to this on the original thread since they fixed it:
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