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Tesla Powered BMW E31 8 Series

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So some of you might already know about my E31 conversion as it's been going on 3 years now! Currently running a Siemens 1pv5135 motor and DIY inverter and 6 speed manual gearbox. Has been running very well the last few months but with the Tesla components becoming available and my work on the open source control boards progressing nicely I've decided to convert the E31. Again.

I had originally thought to use the small high efficiency drive unit but decided to go all in and put in the Large rear unit for 450hp+ :D

Going to be getting some help and the use of a workshop and vehicle lift for the drive unit install as it will need some serious work done to the rear subframe and boot floor. Once the drive unit is in then I can start putting some batteries into that nice big empty engine compartment. Should make quite a fun car and test bed for the open source control board. Stay tuned:)


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the motor will interfere with the control arms or subframe of almost any multi-link or double-A-arm suspension not designed specifically to accommodate this drive unit.
Do you know the width of the motor? Did you measure prior to installation?

I am wondering if it might fit in the back of a Porsche 996 widebody. There is a lot of room between the subframes, and LOTS of room behind them. Even if it had to be mounted a little way back, and a little more angle on the CV joints.
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