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Inside the drive unit is a gear driven oil pump. I believe the inclination tolerance is around 10 degrees each direction, so mounting it upside down is not an option. Maybe it might work in the correct orientation for your car. I would strongly suggest to do really good homework on fitment for your application before committing to it.

I was ok with running in reverse. But doing so took up more engine bay space verses using a small rear drive unit. Which i still have to install and run in reverse lol.

I hope this photo and data is helpful, source from Zero EV. Unfortunate for me i found this way after buying everything.



If you do decide to mount it in reverse orientation, the oil pump will not work as intended. It will still spin but flow direction reverses. So inlet for the oil pump becomes outlet and vise versa for the outlet. You can either open it up and try swapping the lines or run an external pump. Refer to this thread Tesla Small Drive Unit Mounting

Zero EV sells reverse oil pump for the large rear drive unit. But i believe small and large drive units oil pumps are not interchangeable.
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