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Tesla's New Motor

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According to the video, "Tesla's next generation Permanent Magnet motors have completely ELIMINATED Rare Earth Metals and will reduce silicon carbide in the microchips.

Their new powertrain engine is said to undercut competitors with a much cheaper design that will be 2 to 3 times less in cost."

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Musk is all about stock price pumping...tell me about the rare earths in the traction motor(s) of a 2012 Model S....
The hairpin windings were first used in a car in the GM EV-1, iirc. It's in all of Cascadia's (Borg-Warner's) motors, including the one @D&VsEVJeep are using in their Jeep Sahara conversion.

Revolutionary? It's over two decades old.

Meh...Remy's patent ran out.
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