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Buildmore; when i received your message i was actually looking at an XJ coupe to buy. I really wanted it, but it was very rusty and i just couldnt take such a big step back now i've done so much work on the sedan. :/

Brian; yes it was tempting to get the whole setup but one regulation here in order to get the car registered is that you cant widen the car more than two inches. Tesla is much wider than the jag unfortunately.

I've been grinding away at this but not as much as i would like. I've been wiring up the motor. That is damn scary i'm so afraid i'll connect something incorrectly. I am using an advantics VCU and that has bee difficult too. I expected the board to be sent back frmo them ready to spin the motor but i need to know how to do computer programming and work with CAN and i know neither. this wasnt made clear at the outset otherwise i may have chosen a different method. THe manual has limited information which doesnt help because everytime i take a step forward, i find out i need to get a piece of hardware or knowledge that takes me weeks if not longer to learn/ get. I could not recommend the advantics vcu to anyone unless you know how to computer program and have played with CAN before. Its not a skill that comes naturally too me so that complicates things. Michal has been working ok with me, i just wish he was more helpful given how little i know. If i ask something he doesnt want to answer, he just wont answer. for example i've asked he confirm the wiring of relays, recommend a program to work with CAN, asked if i can use arduino and CAN shield instead of arduino due, no response.

Last night i was working on it. I had made good progress but in the process blew up my contactors. I was testing the VCU's control of the contactors. I should have disconnected the HV wires but didnt. blew up both positive and negative contactors. bummer.

These few months has been an exercise in persistence and motivation. Balancing my time between physical results, like i've been welding a battery mounting frame, and the wiring stuff, has been helpful.

I have time off next week to keep building the battery frame. Will have to wait a few weeks to get some more contactors.
Wow, what project. I have been introduced to using the advantics VCU as well. Who is Michal? did he sell you the VCU?
I have a million questions. Are you willing to answer some? Lets start with Michal. Best Regards, Randall
1 - 2 of 71 Posts
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