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2002 BMW 325i Electric
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Hey everyone!
I have a controller that was refurbished and I haven't had any luck running it in my conversion yet. Here's a bit of what led to this point.

I got the 1000A 144V controller about a year and a half ago. When I tried to bench test it, I used a 12v lead acid battery and my motor from the car. I didn't use pre-charge resistors for this, as I didn't have the rest of the wiring setup for the contactors/resistors yet. So from this point, I am not sure if that could've completely damaged it, but I tried a couple other methods after this point.

Now I was using pre-charge resistors, but I noticed my gas pedal is a Hall effect output so I had to use a 0-5k potentiometer to test until I figure that out. I have the battery voltage at the motor terminals, but even now with the correct throttle signal, I saw no change.

At this point, I know I have voltage, so I need to check if it's outputting any amps. The clamp on my multimeter doesn't work so I can't read the amp draw between the controller and motor. Is there a simple battery source and load that I can set up to test this? Like hooking it up to a light or something to apply a load and see if it is actually working?

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