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Th!nk City Electric Vehicles are built in Elkhart, IN and powered by EnerDel Lithium batteries which are also built in Indiana. This is a big moment for the EV community and the state of Indiana. I attended the press conference this morning with officials from Th!nk, IN DNR, Gov Daniels and others. There were several EVs on display.

I had a short conversation with Gov Daniels and asked about IN offering state incentives for EV buyers to match the Federal credit currently available. He liked that I have built my own EV and am committed to EVs in general. He seemed open, if not enthusiastic, about the credit idea. He does seem committed to the expansion of Evs in Indiana, and is dead right about the state being in the forefront of an emerging market.

It was a bit cold, but a great event. The cars look great in and out, but they’re not for everyone. Being only a two-seater, not everyone will find them useful (me included.) However, Th!nk does have a four seater in Europe (Th!nk is a Norwegian company), and does plan on bringing it to the States in 2012.


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