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The Aptera is back! Maybe.

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Searching though this forum on EV news I see the latest news is from 2013. Apparently the original inventors are attempting to bring it back. This time there is far more interest in electric vehicles so it might work. They are taking $100 deposits and have a range of options you can pre-select. According to a Google search result I found, they have over 10,000 deposits as of March 2021 and over 2500 investors. They are not taking any more investors after Dec 31 so jump now if interested. Here is their new website:

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As of May, 2022, Aptera had 22,000 preorders for $100.


Likely more by now.

If half of the people actually purchase a car, that'll be a good start.
If the vehicle actually goes into production and 10% of those people actually purchase, it will be surprising.
Will they design a 4 seat version? Will they give up on the 3 wheel concept and move to 4 wheels? Wide/Narrow track?
So do you mean, will they build a completely different vehicle?
VC looks for 10:1 return on their money from risky tech.

Aptera is looking for $50M in cash for production

so they have to deliver $500M on that risk. Net cash.

On your "good start" 10,000 orders, that's $50,000 per EBITDA.

At 15% gross margin, they need $333M in sales.

The answer for funding then is to suck on government (California, Biden) teat because sane private Silicon Valley money is not going to touch it....unless they can scam an exit like they did with Solyndra.

The Lucid Air has excellent engineering, but I doubt even they'll make it.
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It gets up to 1000 miles range when it ever gets built, well except for the 3 dev units their vaporware needs more optimization. :ROFLMAO:

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It's no longer reasonable when you can get a Bolt EV for $27k. Back when they started out, they were an economical electrically-powered mobility solution. A decade later?
Dinosaurs go extinct because they are no longer adapted to their changed environment.

not with Tesla starting to make noise about a $25k Model 2 now
announced 2021
2023, still delayed
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