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Today we made our first real progress removing the ICE internal combustion engine. We removed the hood, took out the battery, drained the oil, siphoned the gas. We're using the carport although we have to fight the mosquitos.

Noah got into it and was a real help. There are about 50 steps to remove the engine. We've done about 6. We finished trying to remove the air filter housing. He figured out where it is - in our Cabriolet it was in a different place than in the Golf the manual showed. He did a lot of the unscrewing. Best of all, he said he was having fun.

Got gas over me and the garage. I didn't expect gas in the air filter housing but maybe the fuel injectors start combining the mix there. What do I know? I'm happy there hasn't been a fire, electrocution, collapse, injury etc. I'm kind of stuck figuring out the last connection to the air filter. I posted a question on VWVortex

Your comments appreciated.
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