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Boost is very popular in foreign market,it is a common function in electric scooter controller which can deal with the following situation:
On flat road, electric scooter controller will go with economic mode in which the dc current output is small. It can manually enter "boost" when overtaking or climbing is required. Under the boost mode, electric scooter controller can output a much higher current for some time(say 2 minutes) and afterwards, it will exit and back to economic mode automatically.
To summarize it,the boost can save your power and meanwhile meet the requirement of high current output at special occasions.

3 speed is usually popular in domestic is similar to “ shift gear” during car driving ,the speed level changes while switching from low to high level in electric scooter controller.
3 speed levels can be built according to user's own situation.

Statement:This article originate from Sabvoton motor controller(Suzhou)Co.,Ltd.For any use,pls indicate the source and the link
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