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The electric aircraft project begins

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Hi all,
I realized that I haven't been on the forums in a long while but I am starting my next EV project and I figured that those on the forum would be interested in following along and have want to give their input (constructive or otherwise : -)

I tired to link to the play list but that didn't seem to work. :-/ See if this works better:

EV Challenger, EP1: The electric airplane project begins
This is the first in a 12ish part series on rebuilding a barn find Quad cities Challenger 1 Ultralight (CH1 UL) aircraft and converting it to electric.

EP2, EV Challenger tear down
The 2nd in a 12ish part series on rebuilding a barn find Challenger 1 Ultralight to get it ready for conversion to electric power. Like a bad onion, I just keep pulling back the layers until I get to the good part of the airplane and then can start building

Still thinking of a name for the project. EV challenger is the defacto name but it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue like "Sylent" did. Suggestions? (other then flying death trap : -)