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So a man's got to have a hobby... As of my friends know, I have/had many hobbies. My last set of projects, I used concrete to create various elements/features inside and outside of my house (fireplace, backyard bar, kitchen countertops, landscape features & caps, etc). My background in engineering (mechanical, aerospace, etc) and projects are in my DNA.

My latest hobby/project is an electric conversion of a Porsche Boxster. I originally hijacked the Notes Section of my Facebook to Blog about this project. This was cool for friends wondering what I was doing. I figured it would be more useful to transfer the completed "notes" to here for comment/ideas, suggestions, etc.

The basic project is converting a 1998 Boxster from gas Electric (caution: some assembly required). Yep, it was a Craigslist special. The car was in mint condition, garage kept and only 65K miles on it but had one little issue, a blown motor. A Boxster motor runs about $5-6K (rebuilt), so I got a handsome deal on the car.

So how did I go from concrete to EV's???

To understand why I am doing an EV, you actually have to wind back a few years to the addition on the house. About 5 years ago, we did a really cool addition on the house and ultimately touched most of the inside of the house and outside yard. You can call it a major renovation. The custom concrete work was part of the interior and exterior finish work. (Yes, the EV project means I am officially done messing around with the house addition).

Another part of the house addition was going solar. We added solar panels on the house about 1-2 years back. We have been very pleased w/ the solar panels and living in So Cal, its a no brainer. The federal tax credit is 30% and state of CA kicks back a nice rebate. Our system was sized at a 60-70% system based on our usage patterns. In So Cal, this means we basically only pay for electricity in the months where there is less daylight. In summer, our bill is pretty low. We are conservative relative to AC, but we do use it along w/ a whole house fan. This system was sized for the house w/ the addition and 6 people living in it, which hopefully represents a peak usage. In the years moving forward, we will likely have less people living here full time (brother-in-law moving out, Timothy in college, etc). Thus, the electricity usage should go down.

Thus, what can I do w/ that extra electricity when folks move out? Isn't that obvious, build an electric car!!!


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