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The F150 Lightning Electric - 2022

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Well I've been off forum for months due to family commitments, going back to "school" and writing & marketing a book..
But this news really got my attention.
The Lightning F150 is out next spring and it looks like it really will be priced below $50k for the average Joe. If Ford sticks to it's promises, it might even be below 35k for a fleet purchase with federal incentives. The 230-300 mile range advertised is with a 1000 lb payload or tow I believe. Ford seems to take the opposite attitude to most ev manufacturers and gives a conservative estimate of range.
If this truck can do what it says, it may be the biggest breakthrough in the ev market since the Tesla model S.
For me, it introduces a new opportunity to pursue my dream of building an electric Ford Expedition/Lincoln Navigator. Look at the picture of the rolling chassis. Its wheelbase is 12 inches longer than the Navigator L. I wonder how much a wrecked Lightning would cost once they've become abundant on American roads? One could aquire a salvage model and take the cab and bed off. You'd need to chop 12 inches off from the middle of the frame and move one of the "single deck" battery modules to a "double deck" I suppose. You could then get a high mileage or blown engine/transmission Navigator L. Take it off it's chassis and pop it on the shortened Lightning chassis. Take out the Lightnings' dash and fancy centre console. Put them in the Navigator and Bob's your uncle... I wonder if anyone else is thinking the same?


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The claim about the range being in loaded condition in that article refers to another article, in which there is no such claim in the text. It appears to come from the video in the second article, but I didn't even watch that because the 14 minutes of talking head won't likely have any authoritative reference - it's not an interview from anyone with Ford or a report of anything published by Ford. It's probably Ford marketing, by the current method of feeding nonsense to internet "influencers", whose common characteristic is that they are easily influenced themselves by rumours, favours, and outright payments rather than facts. "Numerous reports" often just means a bunch of people repeating the same nonsense that they want to believe, all based on the same single bit of fiction.

The first article mentions the range estimate from the dashboard screen. That's meaningless, since it could be based on any driving conditions, and isn't even from the production version of the software.
Unfortunately, until independent reviewers get their hands on them to perform actual loaded & towing tests, it's all nothing more than journalistic jibber-jabber.
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