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It's Sept 2019 and I stumbled into a DIY project to build an EV using an old forklift motor.

Everything was going great until it turned out these motors are super rare in todays market. Because they are so heavy, the scrap value was to good opportunity to miss, so they all disappeared probably to china....

I'm based in the UK, Manchester and decided to hit google maps, I've searched for forklift and found 40 companies within 60 miles radius. I collated their email addresses and drafted up an email.

I'm going to leave it a week or 2 and hopefully some responses may come back. I'll also be keeping an eye on ebay for dead forklifts from the 1980's (almost feel silly saying that. I can't imagine a truck that old to be still around, but maybe there is one out there with my name on it!)

Aside from this I'm not sure what else to do other than to price up Cheap Chinese motors or expensive Russian models.

In my minds eye, I can see an old forklift truck in a barn shed and farmer Giles has forgotten about it. But how do I contact Mr Giles??? *sigh*

I'll keep this thread updated :)

So far, I've learned sooo much!!! I've bought a car for the project, learned all about lithium batteries, balancing etc, quite a lot about motors, loads about controllers (still got loads to learn), welding, and being even sourcing items.

This has been lots of fun, however I'm not convinced I'll get this motor. I think that boat may have sailed... hence the reason for this post. Trying to warn other DIY'ers
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