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Volvo 9 series x 2
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My 2 beloved cars...

The long term project

Rodballs, racing subframe in front and rear, LSD, coilovers, big brakes, shorter steering ratio, rollcage, rebuilt motor bigger turbo..
Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Sky Vehicle

The one I prefer on our holidays but since it is for upgrade I have to use our Ford...
LSD, reinforced OEM chassie and suspension, stroker engine with Hbeams, ported, bigger turbo, mapped OEM ECU by myself.
Bigger brakes, better chassie, polybushings(no rodballs here) AirCon,
Car Wheel Automotive parking light Land vehicle Tire

My strange portjob that will be saved for the future generations to study .......... : )
Well it actually increased horsepower/torque and used less gasoline with this swirl type of motorhead...

Automotive tire Alloy wheel Wheel Motor vehicle Rim

Eyebrow Human body Eyelash Wood Gas

Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive fuel system Automotive exterior Gas

Reinforced frame for the rearaxle with steel beams plus stiffer bushes and a rearaxle with a gripper LSD differential...
This would handle the increased torque of an electric motor...
Automotive tire Wood Rim Machine Art

It seems like madness to run with an Otto-engine with todays prices on gasoline..
And that is the reason to why i register on this site..
I havent decide if one will be an E85 car or both will be EV vehicles...


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