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The IMPOSIBLE Part 2: Prius DIY hybrid idea

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Hi all,
This is a vague Pipe Dream, but in the hopes of starting a conversation,

DIY Hybrids seem incredibly difficult to accomplish, but I am starting out optimistic. I hope to Frankenstein a Prius computer system to control an electric and gas engine. At the moment, this is a concept that I am trying to put together, and I am hoping for some help.

I have not decided on the exact engines I will use—only a general concept of what I want the car to accomplish. At the moment, I want to make a drivetrain that can not only go long-distance for road trips but also can handle rugged off-road terrain. It will also be powerful enough to pull a Motor Home. So in total, an all-around Hybrid SUV.

It is 100% doable to swap a gasoline engine onto basically any other car. It is also 100% possible to convert nearly any car into full electric. However, I am finding that one of the many problems that have been hard to solve when doing a DIY hybrid is to get a gas engine and an electrical engine to communicate when neither has ever been designed to work with the other.

So I thought the best place to start is to troubleshoot by modifying or designing a control unit to bridge communication between gas and electrical engines.

I wondered if anyone might know how to "hack" into a Prius or any other hybrid control system to use the car company's software to optimize their system onto a new engine.

Also, if there are any control units on the market now that can communicate between a gas and electric motor.

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