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The little Wheego that could…… but then stopped.

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Well the Wheego is a little selfish some days. When driving with 12v load, head lights on, she goes about a mile and will shut down, fully charged battery pack.

Go out and don’t power up any 12v items and she drives fine, although slow until I can locate a Curtis OEM Programmer Station to reset the controller parameters.

Seems odd, has done it twice, last night pulled it back home @ 8mph, and a 1/2 mile in and I had power back to unhook from pulling vehicle and drive back to garage.

Life as I learn about the EV process.
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Seems to me like you have an underpowered DC-DC converter, or, that your voltage sag is so bad that it suffocates the DC-DC and doesn't let it produce enough voltage.

Put a voltmeter on your 12v and see what's happening. If it's plummeting, thars yer problum.
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