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The main mold of electric vehicle charging station of China’s State Grid is battery r

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China’s State Grid corporation General Manager indicated in 2011 working conference ,China’s State Grid for electric vehicle charging station identified as the basicbusiness modelforreplacement leading, plug-in auxiliary, concentrated charge, uniform distribution. China’s State Gridwill building electric car charging network for electric service in Beijing, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Hefei, Nanchang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities in 2011.At the schedule time only thelithium batteryfor electric vehicleswill reach24million inpurchases.

At the same time our company expandourco-operationwith thegrid company, actively involved infillingthe tenderfor charging and exchanging station projects and construction.With the popularity ofchargeforpower, our company graduallytolook abroadto seekoverseas partnersto expandnewareas of cooperationin overseasenergy

By 2010,China’s State Gridhas beenestablished charging stations and6209chargingpointin 27cities. Investment of264.4 billion yuan; completed2.7 trillion kwhin electricity salesrevenue1.5 trillion yuan. The projectis conducive toenvironmental protectionand easetension intheoilcaused bythe oilshortage, the cost ofa bigproblemfor thecar, at the same timeto balance theinterestsof all parties.

During the periodcooperatedwith China’s State Grid,our company provide not only a groupsuch as thelithium battery powermodulebox, power lithium batterymanagement system, charging system equipment,roboticand other infrastructureforelectronicproducts, but alsoactively participate inand providesufficientpowerforthe overallprojectPlanning and construction, product and technical support.

Hereby ourcompany not onlyexpectto start the international exchanges and cooperation with overseas customers, but also expectthe outputof new energyprojects, the introduction and investment.

Power Transfer International Ltd.
Email: [email protected]

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