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The New Netgain 13" Motor

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Anyone have experience in these monsters? Pioneer Conversions is now selling them and has them in stock. I am not sure if they are a good choice for drag racing, but might do well in a large 4X4 trucks. :rolleyes:

Boy I would love to build another Tahoe this one an EV with a large azz lift kit to fit 44" tires. Just sold my ICE Tahoe a year ago.
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Thanks Mike,

The email I received from George today stated they were now available at that dealer. Maybe he meant now in stock? I know they have been around for some time, but mostly by special orders.


As far as I can tell the motor on their website (Netgain # 00-08513) is not a new motor, this has been available from all netgain dealers for years. Just wanted to clarify for anyone reading this title.
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