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Where to begin, i guess I'll start at the end for a change. I am in the middle of gathering the parts to convert my V8 converted Porsche 924. I make no excuses for having a gas guzzling V8 in a tiny car. i used to drag race it and started building and improving it since 1994. It ran low 10's and its breakage rate became high enough to let it sit in my garage since 2006. I started building and riding Electric bikes, from what I call DUI scooters to Vectors. I built my own batteries to keep the costs down and even built a pair of controllers that are now replaced with Bluetooth versions so i can have all my data in front of me. My fun car now is a 2010 roadster than is my daily drives and grin maker. I'm also 86th in line for a Taycan/mission E in North America.
back to my present reason for joining this group, the 924. Its looking like all the hard work has been done by EV controls as I am replacing the trans axle with a p85 unit. I am looking at batteries and my goal of 400V 1100 Amps would be well served by 2 2016 Volt battery packs. its not exact but the closest configuration I can get for the weight/power/distance requirements.
I'm sure its going to be yet another steep learning curve but the car is already set up to go fast, I just have to find the right parts to make it go fast on electricity!

My expectations is for the car to be as fast as it was on its best day without having to rev to 5k to move forward. Range is 1/2 mile (I would rather not push it back) at full sprint and if I could get a 50 mile range ot normal speeds I'd be more than happy.

My budget is undecided but I'd like to think 20-25K would cover it.
Thus far I have the motor and inverter. P85D $5000
The light weight reinforced shell with roll cage $ you dont wnat to know the cost after 20 years

I plan on purchasing 2 2016 volt battery [email protected]@2000 each
a volt DC/DC converter for my 12v requirements $200
A gen 3 tesla charger so i can use my roadster HPWC $1000
EV Controls T-1C control board$ 3500

So I'm already 1/2 way through my budget. I have to start thinking of cooling and heating. reworking the rear brakes and the rear drive shafts.

My mechanical skill is easily up to par for this project and I have a firm grasp on the electrical side but I have a lot to learn, before the EV vehicle revolution I was the go to guy for electrical stuff, now I feel like I'm at the back of the class after being held back for 10 years, a lot of it is learning the vocabulary and understanding what has already been done and what works. I'm not looking to reinvent the wheel, only tighten a few spokes.