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The pressure is mounting.

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Sat morning I took a break from the engine removal. It seems to be coming along nicely, but what do I know. You can see the progress on the webcam I'm at a point where care seems to be in order. Until now, I won't need what I'm removing. When I remove the engine the transmission will come out and I'll need that.

So instead of working on the engine, Saturday I disconnected the exhaust from the chassis. It's still one long (10 ft) pipe. There appear to be sections, but I can't see how to disconnect them. It's above a major crossbar that I'd rather not fool with (less the entire car collapse on me). I may just take a hacksaw to the exhaust.

Tonight I'm back to the engine.

I also got a message from my pals at Electo Automotive that lots of stuff has shipped (adaptor, motor mounts, weather stripping), but not the motor or controller. So the pressure is mounting.
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Your webcam won't come up, but it sounds like it's coming along great! FYI many pipes are welded together and won't have an easy way to disconnect. They will definately disconnect from the engine's head though. A sawsall or similar may be in order, or a cutting torch if you have access to one. Keep us updated! :)
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