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Hello to all and thanks for allowing me to fufill my wants to try and make a positive impact on earth that we all is what i wanna know.....I want to make an electric car with the following specs

Goes about 200 miles
top speed of 100 miles an hour (maybe)

not many want's but here is what i am trying to do. I will buy a flood damaged car (not too bad but enough to get the shell) and then convert it. i need help and advice i really want to do this
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I want to make an electric car with the following specs

Goes about 200 miles
top speed of 100 miles an hour (maybe)
The 100 miles per hour as a goal is not too difficult. Make sure you start with a car that could do this safely with the internal combustion engine.

The 200 mile range is a more difficult task. Range goes down as you add weight. So you can't just keep adding more batteries to increase the range. The usable range for Lead Acid is about 15 miles. This is not the day one range but the distance you can go when they are about half done. If you double the weight of the batteries you don't double the distance you can travel. The sweet spot for LiFePo4 is about 60 miles on a conversion. You can push this up to about 100 miles without imparting too much weight penalty. When doubling to 200 miles you tend to run into both weight and space issues. This is where Tesla has an advantage in that they planned the car around the battery. A conversion does not have this. You will spend a lot of money on batteries to get to 200 miles. Even if it scaled directly with dollars spent you will be looking at something over $30000 for just the batteries. I thought about pulling a range extending trailer to get to 350 miles total. Turns out this is about $60k in just batteries to get there not counting what is already in the car. So not at all practical.
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and that's due to the weight of car either go DC or a big strong AC motor in order to push it...... ok cool that's the next thing i will look for.....budget is not so much a problem as i know that it will get a little expensive but I wan't to show the potential....that most people can go about 150 miles or so and be ok
Your goals are pretty ambitious. All four of those cars are starting out pretty heavy. If you somehow manage to not add any weight beyond the original curb weight you are looking at needing a pack size of somewhere around 60kwh. With a Warp 11 HV and 340volts of batteries (98 cells 314V nominal) you would need about 190 ah cells. So probably 200AH cells. And I am not sure you will get the range you want even with that but it will be in the neighborhood.

My gut feeling is that with this many batteries you will add around 500 lbs above the original and thus lose about 12% of your range due to the extra weight.

That is a lot of batteries! Not sure where you will put all of them.

Best Wishes!
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