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Hello to all and thanks for allowing me to fufill my wants to try and make a positive impact on earth that we all is what i wanna know.....I want to make an electric car with the following specs

Goes about 200 miles
top speed of 100 miles an hour (maybe)

not many want's but here is what i am trying to do. I will buy a flood damaged car (not too bad but enough to get the shell) and then convert it. i need help and advice i really want to do this
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With a super light weight chassis and $20,000+ worth of lithium, we can probably get you there. If you surf DIY conversions that people have done on this site and Evalbum, you may notice that nobody is building 200 mile range vehicles. This does not mean that it can not be done, but it sure gets expensive to pay off mother nature.
Be sure to plan the entire build before you buy anything. Since it is your first build, you could post the entire plan here so we can pick it apart and recommend changes. For your choice of vehicle, you should look at weight and drag more than anything else if you are shooting for 200 miles of range.
Since range is a big part of what you are after, I thought I might share the common formula that people use to calculate range and pack size. I do not know how accurate it is, but a lot of people use it for a rough idea. Take the completed weight estimate of your build and figure out what 10% of that is, as in 3000 pounds is 300. This figure is typically how many watts hours per mile your car will use. If you multply that by the number of miles you want for your range, you can see roughly what your pack size needs to be. Remember that you can only use about 75% of your pack without hurting you cells, so you will still need to oversize the pack to compensate for this.
1 - 3 of 74 Posts
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