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Hello to all and thanks for allowing me to fufill my wants to try and make a positive impact on earth that we all is what i wanna know.....I want to make an electric car with the following specs

Goes about 200 miles
top speed of 100 miles an hour (maybe)

not many want's but here is what i am trying to do. I will buy a flood damaged car (not too bad but enough to get the shell) and then convert it. i need help and advice i really want to do this
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Both are doable but the later is more expensive. For range you need batteries, lots of them. For power and speed you need amperage and voltage. The more you have the better. Also it depends upon why you need 100mph. Do you need it to go 100mph real fast or to do 100mph but you will actually never really use it?
For example, with my 914, I can drive 70 miles at freeway speed (70 mph).
What sized pack? What motor/controller setup? I am planning my 73 914 conversion and plan to use the new HPEVS AC-75 motor with the 144 volt controller. I am looking at 180ah cells for this build.

Your distance seems rather good for 70mph. I say that because my Leaf can't do 70mph for very long. No chance To get 70 miles at those speeds.
I was thinking of this. Get an AC-75 with the 144 volt system and then put in like 46 180ah cells and go have a blast. New styling and comfort and all electric. Sure to make a huge impression. I am also sure you could find a very decently priced 07 Honda Civic Si as a starter package. No matter what you convert it will not be cheap by any means. Find a good donor for your project. I chose VW because I have been messing with VW's since 1974. Even the Porsche 914 is a VW at heart. All the components you need are available off the shelf. You will need a hefty budget but it is fully a doable project and no need for a Jag. If you can afford one of those for a donor you can do this with no issues. It is work but you will like it.

Pete :)

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Recycling a good donor and making it electric is a noble cause. Go for it. Be sure you load up on solar panels so you can charge from the sun. :)
Actually the best way to do that is to build a real cool one then use that to advertise your ability and then convert other peoples cars for them. Building then selling those builds usually does not happen as you may think. Wait till a customer pays you to do their build. That way your guaranteed a sale. You also get to be the master and tell them what would work because you have learned what was needed. You have ways to go but my hats off to anyone that can pull off a business. AC motors are going to be your friend. Ones you can actually buy and have access to help. Orphan Motors and controllers are not going to be your friend.
Since range is a big part of what you are after, I thought I might share the common formula that people use to calculate range and pack size. I do not know how accurate it is, but a lot of people use it for a rough idea. Take the completed weight estimate of your build and figure out what 10% of that is, as in 3000 pounds is 300. This figure is typically how many watts hours per mile your car will use. If you multply that by the number of miles you want for your range, you can see roughly what your pack size needs to be. Remember that you can only use about 75% of your pack without hurting you cells, so you will still need to oversize the pack to compensate for this.
Yup, then you'll need to figure if you can actually fit that size pack in the vehicle without loosing too much if any space that a customer may want or need and without having it hang out the bottom looking ugly.
I actually drive about 50 miles a day (so i think) but i want it to be a complete package. If i am going to do this full time then I will have to make it appealing to all and make them see that they can have their cake and eat it too WITHOUT spending 100,000 on it. I am still researching a car to choose, I am beginning to lean towards a hybrid car and then gut the engine and such. wouldn't you think that would be easier to on the list for that is

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
Kia Optima Hybrid
Why would you do that? Its way more expensive to buy a hybrid then gut it to build an electric. The electrics in those are connected to the engine. They are not electric only vehicles really. Start with an Optima or Sonata but not a hybrid.

As for the Optima, the 2013 and 14 look great. The others not so much. still pretty new and expensive but cheaper than the Hybrid version.

I'd say start more practical and small. EVMETRO has done two or working on number two totally custom show electric Metro. The work he has done should guarantee his success. I'd rather have him do work on my car. He has an eye for detail and won't give you junk. This is how you need to come at it. You need to go through all his posts about his car and see his work. Ive seen it personally and his work is top notch. If you don't model your business like this then it may not go so far. He has set the bar quite high and its the only way to go. The type of vehicle is not the issue. The work is.
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Check the photos of this Spyder Build years ago before the advent of Lithium.

Check the little video and all the photos. I have the same motor in my Bug.

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Looks like a Thunder Ranch chassis.
I have designed an all metal aluminum foam panel monocoque chassis, with 8mm panel thickness, to replace the tubular space frame chassis.
The complete chassis will only weigh 200lbs. and have 10 times the torsional rigidity of the tubular chassis.
The front suspension will have coil-over A-arms.
Yes, its a Thunder Ranch Chassis and Body. It was modified by Thunder Ranch specific for the electric build.
So what are your plans. Start writing them down. Don't just let that stuff wash around in your head. Get it down. Change as you go.

Even though your planning on doing a business you're conversion will pretty much be yours. So with that, you need to KNOW what YOU want and what your willing to live with. If you have never driven the car you are thinking about, you might think about doing that first. You'd hate to convert a car you find out you don't really like. Just because a car looks cool does not mean it drives cool. Check it out first.

Like old VW's. If you have never owned one and want one you better drive one for awhile if you can. They have a cool factor but they are not what you might think. I steer many away from VW's because if you don't know them you may actually hate them to drive on a daily basis. Newer modern cars can be the same. Some are just junky and feel cheap even though they may look cool. Be careful when choosing.

So what kind of car do you like? Ever Drive one? Ever Owned one?
Once you nail that down then you can decide on motor/controller.
Then batteries. This kinda goes with the choice so get a rough idea of actual interior room and under and around the engine compartment and where the old fuel tank would reside. Do you have the room for the size pack you may need. It may cause you to change step one.

Minor components are pretty much needed no matter what car you choose.

Car/Battery/Motor/Controller/DC DC/Heat/Air.
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Luxury is a bit suggestive. Most any vehicle is Luxury compared to the old VW Bug. Lots of common cars have a lot of luxury items. What kind of Luxury Car? As you can see we are trying to wring out of you some specifics. Not that they will actually be what you use but something anyway. You have stuff clanking around in that brain. Well? How about a Cadillac Escalade that is all Electric. Now thats Luxury and Big and quite doable on a hefty budget. Thinking something like that? Or like this: or like this: or this:

Hey, have you been pouring over the vehicles in the evalbum?

A bazillion ideas for you there.
Good. I'd actually put the VW CC into the luxury list. You ever been in one? I think not or you would have put it there. Nice car.

Anyway, good. Do you have a budget in mind?

Pete :)
Now your talkin.

Or even a VW EOS

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Since you have one you can do some checking on space for batteries. Its best to not put them in the passenger compartment. Best under behind and up front around the motor. You'd then need to figure out your motor/controller setup and maybe a voltage range. That would need a reasonable sized motor. Mostly for torque. The AC-75 is an affordable motor. The curtis controller can be set to utilize an automatic by doing idle. You might call up HPEVS and run it by them to see what they think. They also have a dual AC-35 which if you have the room would be a kicker motor setup. Might consider dual motors stacked if possible. Would require a custom adaptor plate. But would give a kicker vehicle. There are a few dual stacked motor setups around.

You could use the adaptors and couple them with the AC-75 motors. Dual AC-75's :)
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