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The right Prius conversion

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Okay, so I know this is a DIY site, but I thought I'd ask this...

I've decided to start my journey into EV-land by purchasing a new Prius and doing a PHEV conversion. It will be a sort of 'beachhead' move, getting my feet wet in EV. After that I'm planning on doing a full EV conversion.

SO... I've done my research and I believe I want to go with a Lithium-based conversion for the power/weight ratio. (Nickel-based battery technology is inherently heavier).

My question is this: Which system is the right one? At the moment I'm trying to decide between A123 and OEMTek. A123 seems more reliable (OEM has yet to actually return a phone call), but OEM has nearly twice the KWH capacity. Before I plop my $1k down I need to get some input.

Any thoughts... anyone?