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Duncan, how do you explain that to drivers, so they don't put their 100 percent trust in Self-driving cars? Most people are tempted and think this is it: leave the wheel and it will take you to the destination. I think Tesla's 3000 dollar package basically promises that.
That is a major problem:
  • if the car is self-driving, then owners must put their trust entirely in the vehicle - the owners are not drivers at all during automated operation, and will leave it to the vehicle to take them to the destination
  • if the vehicle has only assistance features (such as Tesla's Autopilot), then the driver cannot trust the vehicle at all and remains entirely accountable for the vehicle's operation.
Any Tesla owner who disregards the many warnings of this in the owners manual and from the vehicle during operation is responsible for whatever happens when Autopilot fails. And it does fail, and will continue to fail.

I looked at Tesla's web page on Autopilot today, and was both surprised and disturbed to see that they are claiming self-driving capability, in stark contrast to the reality of the system.
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