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Well there's what I would like and what I think I can reasonable get :)

The DeLorean is about 3000 lbs stock (manual), so this configuration will allow the engine and transmission to come out, plus a whole lot more (alternator, belt driven water pump, exhaust, fuel tank, etc.) Of course a lot has to go in, but I'm aiming for equivalent weight 3000 lbs once done.

I'm not so focused on the 0-60, but I think it should be considerably better than stock <10 secs. I would hope for 7 or less.

As far as range is considered I'd like to be able to get around Houston - about as far as I ever took the ICE DeLorean - long road trips in a 35 year old car can be 'interesting'.

I've been holding off on a battery decision. Seems like so many options are becoming available at better prices. I like the idea of OEM because then I've got a replacement path if I need one.
I think you are on a perfect track with your target setting. I'd say 7sec will be achieved quite easily with that motor and with 100km capable battery pack.

Best of luck!
1 - 2 of 125 Posts
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