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With OEM AC motors so plentiful and cheap nowadays and aftermarket AC motors (Hyper 9, AC-50, etc.) very simple to set up and run, it seems that almost no one is looking to run a DC motor in builds nowadays. But the cool thing about DC motors is that the operating voltage and current don't seem to be nearly as set-in-stone as with AC motors. There's all kinds of grainy old videos of people pushing crazy amps through the brushed motors that used to be all anyone used in conversions.

So the question is, how much power can DC motors really push?

With heat seemingly the biggest limitation, would it not be feasible, with proper cooling, to have a massive (think 19" diameter) motor that could do 800kw+ for short bursts?

Curious as to what folks have learned from working with the good ol' DC motor.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts