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The truth about how to be great at content marketing

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There are a lot of cure-alls circling the web all claiming to be able to solve all your content marketing problems. This isn’t one of those articles. The truth is, the key to content marketing success depends a lot on the nature of your product and your target audience.

For some products, content marketing will be your marketing bread and butter. For others, it will be a side business but not your main revenue source. Here are some other truths about content marketing all marketing directors should know.

You don’t need a team of specialists to make content marketing work

Yes, big businesses tend to hire big teams to run their marketing and they’re able to see correspondingly large returns on their investment. But small businesses can have success too, even without teams of writers, researchers, and editors. Even marketing departments of one can find that content marketing is successful, but warned that you shouldn’t compare yourself to businesses bigger than yours.

B2C also reported, “60% of B2C small business marketers plan to increase their content marketing budget over the next 12 months, knowing that it can be a very effective strategy for brand awareness and lead generation.”

You don’t have to go viral to be successful

Viral marketing can be very profitable and really good viral videos create great press for your brand. But you shouldn’t focus too much on the numbers. B2C said that some publishers, like The Verge, “discourage their writers from even looking at traffic numbers so they don’t get too caught up in the numbers and forget the goal they initially set out to achieve, which is to deliver great, original editorial content that speaks to the reader.”

Ignore numbers, focus on message

It’s tough to ignore the numbers when it seems hard to measure your success in any other way, but an important thing to remember about content marketing is that its success isn’t always quantifiable. Sometimes it’s just another exposure in a customer’s purchasing journey and they haven’t made up their minds to buy something yet. Sometimes it’s what introduces someone to your brand for the first time, but they’re far from loyal customer as of yet.

Set realistic goals

The more often you can create good, quality content the better, but if you have a small team of marketers, don’t force yourself to come up with 3 blog articles a week, a daily social media post, along with several marketing emails. Start small and don’t try to do more than you can maintain at a high level of quality.

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