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Thinking about a 59 Apache 32 conversion

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I have a wonderful project truck that I’m just tearing into. I was hoping to maybe get it stated and back down the road as she was in her glory days, but that is looking less and less likely as I peel back the layers of time that have assaulted her. So I figure if I have to do a heart transplant, why not go artificial? (Electric) I am new to automotive tech, learning all I can from YouTube University, but I’m a fairly competent person on the whole... at least I hope I am. I am a giant nerd, and love the idea of having a warP drive in my truck, but I’m unsure what my needs are by the numbers. It appears that it should be pretty straight forward to put together if I can wrap my head around the numbers side of things. My goals would be to have normalized power for a vehicle her size, say 200ish hp, and possibly a hundred mile range. I’d like to utilize as much of her original tech as possible while modernizing all the important safety items (brakes) and removing wasteful components (incandecants). I’d love to keep her cluster original as well if possible. She weighs in at 3,385 bone stock, but I’m sure she has lost a bit of that in the intervening years since she rolled off the line

How realistic are these goals? How much $$ (ballpark) can I expect to invest in such an endeavor?