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THinking about an ev conversion of a c3 vett

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I have a 74 corvette that I love more than my dog(if i had a dog). Although i really hate thats its not a ev because that is really the future. I am graduating as a chemical engineer in a year and right afterI get a job that what I wanna spend my money on. I know its a bit early to start planning but thats how I l ike to do things. I do want to make a good ev conversion though. I have done soem research and this is what I think I want. Please do chime in and let me know what you think btw....

Im thinking a budget of about 15k (I should be able to come up with that after I get a job).
I want a okay range but mainly the power that I have come to love form my ICE engine. I knwo hp ratings are a little different from ICE ratings but I dont go that fast after my last speeding ticket($1300 freaking dollars) but I do love to accelerate to the speed limit as fast as possible. With that being said I think i want a series wound DC motor like the warp 9 or 11. which will be 3k of my budget. Then the controller I was thinking the war drive 1000A one. I was also wandering that a lot of the batteries I see only have above a 1000A discharge rate if I go above 180 Ah's (excepty the CALB's have a 130Ah that can handle 1000A burst discharge rate)... is that true? If so why would someone buy a 1400A controller unless the ran to battery packs in parallel, and who has that kinda space? or money?
because I am still on a budget and space is not in abundance i was thinking of 45 of the CALB's 130 Ah bateries which is a 7.5k.... oouch there goes my budget. And I was wondering on a 3300 pound car what kinda range I would have with a 144 volt, 130 Ah pack running to a warp 9 or 11? And do I need a BMS (I think there are really cool but for another $1500.... idk)
And I know the other 4 k will go to other little things like adapters and electric power steering pump....
I do have the advantage of being really good with tools and I absolutly want to do everything my self(becasue if i dont where is the fun in that).
Also I am actually a welder (I maily work with alum. welding with a tig), so I was thinking I wan just build my motor mount and my batery boxes out of alum. to save weight....

Welll i just wrote an essay..... please any input would be ahsome!

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The Corvette does have a heavy motor and tranny.

2500 lb economy car - 300 lbs motor = 2200 lbs.

3000 lbs Corvette - 600+ lbs motor = 2400 lbs.

That's only a 10% weight difference, and the Corvette should have better aero. Plus you can add more weight in batteries to the Corvette and still be at stock weight.

I do agree that generally the Corvette will be a more expensive car to convert, however.

Have you considered keeping your 'vette stock for use on special occasions and converting a lighter car for commuting? You should be able to do it for the same or less money including the cost of the donor vehicle. Also, the 'vette should be worth more stock than converted.

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