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Thinking in converting my 1993 VW Gol to EV - Uruguay

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Hello EV community!! I apologize in advance for my poor english, I will do my best to explain everything. I'm here to learn from you, as I'm a total rookie when it comes to EV, so all criticism is appreciated!

The car - 1993 VW Gol (produced in Brazil between 1981 and the present date), its a 1.8 liter engine with original 88bhp with a 5 gear manual transmition. FWD!!

Here are the ratios
1ª - 3,45:1 (38/11)
2ª - 1,94:1 (35/18)
3ª - 1,29:1 (36/28)
4ª - 0,97:1 (31/32)
5ª - 0,80:1 (28/35)
Reverse - 3,17:1 (38/12)
dif- 4,11:1 (37/9)

In the last 3 years I have been moding the combustion engine for better performance, switched from a carburator to EFI (Megasquirt), added a turbocharger (garret A/R 60/63, close to a Holset HX40), done at home!! The car is already around 200bhp

Today I'm working on a new combustion engine, with all forged internals so the car can withstand at least 350bhp.

BUT!! I lost interest in combustion engines the second I saw an EV conversion on youtube.

So the idea is, while I enjoy this new combustion engine I have been working in, I would like to start planning a converion to EV in the future, probably in the next 2 years

I would like to achieve at least 300km/charge, and also being able to do 160+km/h top speed if possible, even 200km/h? (I can dream right?)Maybe I'm way off with this and someone will throw a banana at my head

Why? Uruguay is a small country, if I can do 300km on a charge I could be able to visit my family across country, and that would be awesome. I'm not looking to do 300km/charge doing 160+km/h of course.

I imagine that, the faster I go the shorter the distance will be on a charge (same as combustion engines). So I figured, why not have both? If I go slow (90-100km/h average) maybe I can get in the highway and make that 300km trip I talked about. I have seen that bmw jehugarcia help build hit 1200km trip!!!

In the other hand, if I want to go really fast I won't go too far. This is my everyday car, I love it. Its not a racing car, neither a drag car. Its my project car to enjoy myself working on it, and enjoying the results of my work.

Now that the rant is done, I was thinking in a AC Dual motor (AC-34x2/AC-35x2) has some info on them. Also the controllers available in that website are 1238E-7621 (72-96V 650A) or the 1239E-8521 (144V 500A).

For the battery pack I was thinking lithium batteries, in Uruguay its hard to buy stuff from outside. This is the worst part for me, getting the products I need for the project. Importing stuff in Uruguay is almost imposible due to taxes. We are talking 60-80%tax on electronics and electric products.

There's a law that allows me to import 3 purchases a year, if the products are under 200usd and 20kg.

So if its possible, the most stuff I can build myself the better. Like the battery packs.

I'm all ears, thanks in advance for having me in the forum and helping with my project
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