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thinking of converting AWD Volvo XC90 without using transmission

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I am a new member and this is my first post...please bear with me and go easy on my ambition here....
I want to convert my faithful, but beaten up, 2005 Volvo XC90 AWD SUV to electric. And I don't want to keep the transmission...want to connect directly to the drive shaft if I can. My aim is to have a range of minimum 100 miles (ideally 150) and highway capable. If I understand it right, this model has a curb weight o f about 4200 pounds. In connecting directly to the drive shaft, do I loose the AWD functionality of the car (if I am being illogical here, please bear with me). And also, would like to use the LiFexx batteries and not lead acid. Also, how does the car's computer system react to ripping off the transmission?
And what kind of budget am I staring at (rough ball park).

Thanks for your time.

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There are two ways of implementing AWD in a front-engined vehicle:
1. Have a transfer case which takes input from the gearbox and has an output for each differential. This is what Landrovers use.
2. Build the front differential into the gearbox, connected to the output shaft. This is what Nissan's ATTESA drivetrain has used since 2000.

From what brian_ says, XC90 uses option 2.

For AWD in an gearboxless EV, you'll need a transfer case (or center differential, since front wheels travel further round corners than rear wheels), or one motor per differential.

I don't know of any EVs which have used the option 2 front differential without the rest of the gearbox.
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