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Thinking of selling "High End" Ev Conversion!

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Running my moving company and running ECEDRA still does not take up all my time. I have some good employee mechanics that can build a kit car fairly quick and also convert a "High End" car quick enough. Would love to open an EV Sports Car Dealership here in CT. Seems there will be a market for Mercedes EV's, BMW EV's, Porsche EV's, etc.....must give it some though! :rolleyes:
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Good idea. thinking of the same thing here in California. Subscribed.
Yes I agree these are awesome cars but I estimate one could sell a whopping 5 units of electrically powered versions a year...maybe...

I think the right way to make a business (i.e. Not a hobby but something that can pay the bills for you and 10-20 employees) is what OP suggested - offer high performance conversion services to the current owners of high performance gasoline cars - bmw, porsche, mercedes, audi. You probably need a 40-50k starting point in price of the original vehicle for your market to self-select in the right way. Then you need to pick a very limited number of models (maybe 2-3 max) to streamline your production and reduce marginal costs.

Can be done but not with kit cars imho.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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