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It is 1969 with now 1500cc motor. I did buy it in Sweden 2011. I just saw the ad at and boutht it through the e-mail, without going and viewing it, and that turned out ok. In Iceland I did not find any that were for sale. I need more money to complete this project but until then I am trying to clean it up and paint a little bit. Fixing what needs to be fixed :D
I need to get all info that a project like this needs; but I have a specialist in Iceland that is helping me deciding what to use and calculating the outcome.(He is highly learned in electricity) He had have a electric car for a few years and are building a 66kw jeep now from Toyota Hilux and it is about to be tested in coming weeks after a lot of work. My plan is to use GWL/Power AGNI MOTOR 135R - Max 110V/16 kW But now I am thinking of a bigger one but it has to be light also? and the battery to go along with it GWL/Power WB-LYP200AHA - LiFeYPO4 That is maybe enoght info to start a dialog my friends :)

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