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Thought id Introduce myself....

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Hows it going? I have been humming around the site, leeching information, swelling my mind with ideas and methods to build my first EV.

I have been a minitrucker since I was 15 and bought my first 1989 mazda b-2200, which was then conmpletly shaved, static slammed, and customized all i could on a 16 y.o. budget.

I then ended up stripping that truck down, getting a body drop done and frame work for airride, at which point i traded it for a toyota pickup that was already on air.

After I had my fun with the 'yota, i picked up yet another b-2200, which was stripped down and cleaned up to be a slammed daily driver.

Ill throw some pics up and if you guys want for info let me know, just dont wanna bore you on this whole intro thing.

Anywho, I was raised working on vehicles, fabricating what i need, and making due with what i got. i had an autobody apprenticeship out of highschool, which i dropped and turned my attention to electricuity.

I have been an electrician for years now, presently working for a solar and wind power company.

So now that two worlds are colliding, and I lucked out by picking up a '91 mazda b-2600, which will be my empty canvas.

Among adding solar, and other components of my day to day work, as well as combing ideas ive seen aound the site, this should get interesting!!

Ill post pics asap. just picking up the truck today hopefully,

Anywho, i will see yas around,

Till next time,
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Welcome to the best EV site that there is.

A lot of us started in the drag strip, custom car, street rod areas and now find that EVs are the thing to try.

The EV grin is hard to not do when you step on the pedal and go down the street with quick, quiet power!!
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