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Hi all
Im underway with concept planning for a low spec Classic car conversion with the DC forklift motor option and getting what I need for that.
First question is, I have a 72V DC 400a "Curtis" controller and looking at a pedal throttle running 0-5V not 0-5ohm as seems to be referred to in my research
Will they talk to each other?
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Programming would be needed for ANY throttle change that's not the one currently set in the controller. There are a couple of ways how you can make the changes. Easiest way is to take it to a Golf cart service center and have them program (likely for a fee) whatever you need - actual Curtis programmers are pretty pricey, often more expensive than the controllers themselves (really hate that business model). Second option is you may be able to make a programming cable and get a copy of the PC Programming Station. People had some variable success with that path, you may find everything you need for that in this thread :
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