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I understand the thundersky spec sheet says to charge to a max voltage of 4,0 v, but I read that many here are only charging to 3,6 or 3,8 v, in order to increase battery life, and seeing as there is only little energy in charging to a higher voltage.
the consensus on TS seems to be that setting the average cell max to 3.65 is plenty to use most of you capacity, and avoid possible overcharge on slightly imbalanced cells. The nominal cell count for 120v is 38; which would give 38*3.65= 138.7v just after full charge... and would settle to closer to 38*3.4= 129v after just a little use and drop to 38*3.2= 121.6 v under 'normal' loads.

The controller shut off somtimes with the previous 120-v (60 cells) lead-acid pack when fully charged and regenerating downhills, and I want to avoid controller shut-off during driving, of course.
Your regen system HAS to be smart enough not to attempt to overcharge the batteries or you will fry them for sure.
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