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Ive been making good progress on the chassis for my Belaero trike and am about to start buying driveline components, I want to get some input, plus ask a few questions :)

Heres the latest driveline spec:

800 to 850lb trike, great aero, 2 seater.

Drive motor Mars 1003
Gen motor Mars 709
Chinese 10hp diesel
3.5 lb to 4.5 lbs of boost via a tiny turbo
100ah thunderskys x 30 cells.

What I want to do is use the Diesel to drive 1) The gen 2) a 12v alternator (all at a constant speed, right in the bsfc sweet spot)

for in town running, straight from the batts

for highway trips (with my location, this would be most of its use) electric sometimes, diesel sometimes.

The thread on the FVT car got me to thinking, if the engine can put on a decent charge while driving, one could run part of the time diesel on and part time diesel off.

My quandary is with limited electrical skills, I am wondering if I am missing some big, expensive problems with my choice of parts.

If the gen output is lower then the battery's HVC and I rig the HVC to switch off the engine and LVC to turn it on (+ a few percentage points on LVC and - a few on HVC for safety) am I good to go?

Are there any gremlins in asking for the BMS to perform 2 functions within a minute of each other? (HVC -.2v = shut off engine, actual HVC, shut off controller / LVC + .2v turn on engine, actual LVC turn off pack.)

As nearly as I could ascertain from the other posts the batteries can act as both a buffer to the incoming gen amps and as batteries (discharging toward the drive motor at the same time)

Am I missing anything? I want to drive this sucker by April :)
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