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Tired of flat tires? How about air free tires.

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Ah, at last my dream come true. Air free tires, well actually taking the air out and putting in foam instead. I saw those lawn tractor tires at Les Swab a while back and asked them if they knew the company that filled the tires with foam so I could get ahold of them. They were not going to give away business of course, so they avoided my question completely. haha

Now, here is a site that talks about foam filled tires. I have lived on a road that is filled with sharp rocks (it is really a goat trail) and I have flats every year. Some tires have just a hole big enough that the tire shop won't repair them, so I have to buy new ones. I kept the old flat tires for just the day I could get the foam and fill them up myself. A little glue in the hole will make sure nothing comes running out, but after that the foam hardens and no more worry.

So if you always wanted to have a worry free tire (unless it blows off the rim in some high speed accident even with foam in it) then this may be your solution.

Now if anyone wants to get into the business, they will help you on this page to do it at home.

Of course I am the type of person who thinks if there is a will, there is a way to do it and if they can do it, so can I. Well, by just getting ahold of some of the foam used in cans I think I can drum up a mold for the inner part of my tire and fill it myself without the machine. (They say it is not expensive).

It may have pictures of bicycles on the page, but in the reading it says you can do any size tire and will hold thousands of pounds per tire. Works for me.

Thought I would share.
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The problem with foam fill is that they are unsuitable for highspeed automotive tyres. Bicycle and plant tyres are fine as they are low speed applications.

For high speed use the constant flexing of the foam causes it to overheat and the heat is unable to dissipate to the atmosphere as effectively as in a pnumatic tyre. This causes hot spots to occur in the foam filling leading to irregular consistancy and lumpiness.
Yes, glad you brought that up. I rarely go over 50 since that is all the faster my EV goes anyway. In my application it would work perfect. A bicycle can go faster than my car. =)

For my SUV, it would work as well since again, on these roads I don't plan on driving like its NASCAR. On the highway, short trips to town and staying within 50 miles an hour is great since I am no rush anyway. For the pickup, that is a different story and those tires are 10 ply so there is no need for foam filling in them.

As for my little car, the crazy thing is they don't make 6 or 8 ply tires for the little cars so flat tires are common on these roads. After 3 sets of tires and dozens of patches, I think the foam idea is a blessing. It may not be for all.
I hope I'm not bursting your tyre/bubble but I would put 50mph as high speed.

Low speed foam fill sort of implies less then 30mph and then only for very short durations.
Imagine a small tractor or a building site dumper truck.
Got an email about the new Michelin tires with open rubber spokes. Now there is a strange look!!

Can't find the picture.
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