I have the following pieces of an AC motor and controller setup, from TM4 / Dana out of Canada, all pictured below. The ODIN software key is included.

MO120S motor
CO60 inverter
VMU V1.1-01

I was not able to get much in the way of specs on this setup from TM4 website, but this should be close:

Torque (Peak*) 170 Nm* Torque (Continuous)
65 Nm Power (Peak) 80 kWm (10 seconds, 25°C, 400 Vdc)
Power (Continuous) 37 kWm
Operating Voltage
220-400 V Minimum Operating Voltage 180 V Cooling Water/glycol 55°C

Freight shipping at cost plus $200 for packing. You estimate and you are responsible for cost, from San Marcos CA. Motor weights around 100 lbs, inverter is nearly 100 lbs and associated cables, pallette and VMU will add another 100 lbs

If anyone has a spec sheet please send along.

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