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I have converted a Citroen AX, the car with everything you need and nothing you don't, to electric drive. The AXe with 410 max V battery and eDrive consisting of TM4 motor MD 120B-X Part No 3316-0231-C, TM4 controller CO150 and GKN Family 2 transmission. The interface to the controller was engineered by a friend who is very good with electronics and control-strategy; I don't understand it!

Issue developed that above ~ 3000 rpm the eDrive vibration became unacceptable, shaking the car violently. Splitting the motor from the transmission I then ran up the motor and it ran smoothly at first then vibrated violently; with no load input it did coast down to rest over an extraordinary long period. I am not sure if the motor has a bearing issue or is out of balance, I doubt any control issue would cause that vibration.

So having spent far too long building and commissioning the car I now am desperate for help to resolve the motor issue - and quite willing to pay for someone with experience to strip the motor if any one can be recommended. If not any advice or manual for the TM4 motor welcome as I will attempt it myself.

Fingers crossed.

Jonny AXe
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