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Todd Engineering Power Source Battery Charger

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I have an old unit laying around, which is a PC-45 and it states 12V 45A, has a chassis ground, a 120VAC wall plug and two connection points (pos and neg)

Here is a very similar if not exact unit

I assume this is a lead acid charger for RV's and Travel Trailers or anything that runs on 12V system, like perhaps inside the cabins of a boat.

I have a pack that is made up of tool pack 18650 batteries. They've been working great over the year or so I've had them.

Is the charging profile of lead acid doable for Lithium Ion batteries?
What I know is that I need to pay close attention to charge voltage.

Info - My current setup is I am using a few Meanwells to get roughly 15A at whatever voltage I want, which is 22-29V per Meanwell or I can series them up in a combo and get higher voltages. 1 = 22-29V and 2 = 44 to 60V so on so forth.

Goal - Looking for higher charging current.

Thought - Use some 12V 65A Dell PSU's like what the RC's guys use for their Balance Chargers. And figure out in a cautious and safe manner whether to place cc/cv charger at the front or back of series string. This should control the Dell psu's with the PC-45's cc/cv curve and revert to the PC-45 charging current of 45A.

My current pack can do 63Vmax (4.20V/cell) off the charger, but I set my Meanwells to charge to 60.5V because I just use 2 meanwells instead of using 3 meanwells for 63V (explained earlier) plus it gives me a buffer.

I figure I can reconfigure my pack to get to ~48Vmax or having a buffer and make it ~52V, I believe there is a 0.5V adjustment mod I can do on the Dells.
I also keep in mind the charging C-rate, so my pack would be just under 1C at 40Ah pack, I have multiple packs that size.

Really need your feedback guys & gals.
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