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I have the OBDII reader wired to the CANBUS 2 on the Orion BMS with the two resistors making sure the high and low wires were connected to the appropriate pins as well as the two grounds and the 12 volt wire. I double checked the pin out connections several times.

Also created a few PIDs in Torque Lite on my 7 inch Android Tablet.

I turn the car on and the OBDII reader appears to be paired with Bluetooth on the Android and I can see the OBDII Reader flashing the data lights but all my Torque display gauges read zero.

I'm on my second OBDII reader. The first one I tried was the green OBDII LX one. Although it would pair fine. In Torque I kept getting a message saying it was looking for the reader even though in the Torque settings it would show up. For an experiment I hooked up the OBDII LX reader to my gas Ford F-150 and everything worked great. I was in the truck for awhile trying out all the different displays. Really cool when it works. But put it back in the Porsche EV and nothing. So I ordered a different reader.

The new one I got appears to link up but no data displays in Torque. The only thing I can think of is redoing the PIDs or try buying Torque Pro.

Any magic to getting Torque to work?

I'm currently using the Orion LED bar State of Charge display but that doesn't really show enough info.
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